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Venom Colorado Rigs and Harnesses feature Premium Colorado Blades plated with Real Silver or Real 24k Gold to give maxiumum reflection and clarity. With Wildfire INFERNO Hyper-Glow Beads, these rigs are prefect for clear waters, deep waters, murky waters, and stained waters, at anytime day or night.

Colorado Rigs & Harnesses

  • Rig: 3.5 Colorado Blade | Single #2 Bait Hook

    Slow Death Rig: 3.5 Colorado Blade | Single #1 Slow Death Hook

    Harness: 3.5 Colorado Blade | Double #2 Bait Hooks

  • Green: Green Painted Silver Blade | Green Glow Beads

    FireTiger: FireTiger Painted Silver Blade | Green and Orange Glow Beads

    Blue: Blue Painted Silver Blade | Blue Glow Beads

    Red: Red Painted Silver Blade | Red Glow Beads

    Gold(Green): Gold Plated Blade | Green Glow Beads

    Gold(Red): Gold Plated Blade | Red Glow Beads

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