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Venom Wildfire Asymm Blades create serious wobble in the water, even at crawl-slow speeds, and can be used to customize any rig. INFERNO Hyper-Glow makes these blades perfect for deep waters, murky waters, and stained waters at anytime, day or night. 5 Pack.

WildFire Asymm Blades 5 Pack

  • 1 1/8"

    1 1/2"

  • Green Glow: 30-45min Glow Time

    Blue Glow: 30-45min Glow Time

    Red Glow: 15-20min Glow Time

    Orange Glow: 15-20min Glow Time

    White Glow: 30-45min Glow Time

    Gold Glow: 10-15min Glow Time

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